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How to enter:
Leaderís Tennis Tournament is free of charge. The access is by invitation only.
By entering, you grant permission of the media to use your name and entry in all information and marketing purposes.

The doubles tournament will start on Saturday morning, 10 a.m. at Dema sport complex in Sofia. The order of the couples will be placed into the schedule by the referee.
Applications for the doubles tournament have to be done in couples with the Tournament Committee. Individual applications for the doubles tournament are also allowed. For these players the tournament committee will find a partner.
On Sunday morning at 10 a.m. the quarter finals and finals will start.
Sunday afternoon at 2 p.m. the award ceremony will take place.

One team will receive a "Grand Prize" Ė diploma and cup. Winners receive trophies by sponsor. All the competitors will get a souvenirs by the sponsors.


Rules: Footzal tournament
The players have to register till 10 am on the same day. The teams consist of 5 active players, 1 goal-keeper and 6 substitutes. Full time will be played on 5 halves of 15 min with break of 5 min.  Each player which is given a rd card will be dismissed for 2 min and after which the player can be substituted, but if at the same time the another team score, the team with less goals will be permitted immediately to get a substitute in the game. During the match the changes can be unlimited /as in a hockey game/ and are obliged to be made when the game is stopped by the referee. The rule for returning the ball to the goal-keeper is invalid. There will be no off-sides. The wall of players for making a direct kick is in a distance of 6 m from the goal. †The touch is performed with hands. The referee judgments and the final scores are fixed and are not contestable.

competing 8 teams
8 are the qualification games.

We expect media release and an advertising banner in the hall.


LEADERS' Tennis Tournament is one of the most interesting, popular and attractive amateur events in Bulgarian sport life.
The tournament is a tradition carried on every year in the late spring by Imageart Design advertising agency. More than 100 amateur tennis players, journalist and guests gather at Dema sport-complex for the event.† The sport community in Bulgaria is well aware of the tradition of this tournament. It easy brings together many executives of big companies, politicians, bankers, businessmen and leading journalists to compete to the First Award ďLeader Ė The Best Tennis CoupleĒ.

The LEADERSí Tennis Tournament is realized by the kind support of our Gold Sponsor MTEL, our traditional partners BFT and NESCAFE, NIVEA, QBE, VOLKL, CANON, CARLSBERG, BNP PARIBAS, BIOGAME, OVARAS, NIKE.

The LEADERSí photogallery