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19 - 20 June 2010
DEMA Sport Complex, SOFIA

Over 60 VIP players and dozens of tennis players competed in the seventh edition of the LEADERS’ tennis tournament 2010 in SK Dema. Prof. Ognyan Gerdjikov, the journalist Statul Karabashev, the businessman Yavor Tzakov, the manager of QBE - Petko Tonchev, Assen Kotsev from Avtomotor Corporation S.A., the publisher Martin Zahariev and many other celebrities demonstrated sportsmanship and zeal during the first day on the courts. Between two political events the Minister of Economy, Energy and Tourism Traycho Traykov, playing with the secretary of BFT George Donchev, failed to compete for the semifinals, but showed impressive sporting skills.

Excellent physical shape and skills were shown by Tzvetan Lazhanski from Devin, the manager of Stortist Svoge - Angel Bonchev, the Marketing Director of Zagorka - Doncho Hadzhiev and the fresh force from Unicredit Bulbank - Martin Gikov and Julian Gikov.

Despite the variable weather the competition characterized with serenity and good mood thanks to the sponsors Mtel, STIHL and QBE. Cold beer from Carlsberg and fresh fruits from Elemag supported the players. During the second day of the LEADERS’ tennis tournament the teams of Svetodar Yosifov - Dimitar Dimitrov and the manager of Lokomotiv Sofia Nikolay Gigov in tandem with the former football player Alexander Bonchev emulated for the Standard newspaper’s cup.

The boss of STIHL for Bulgaria Georgi Draganov bestowed the awards in the ladies' tournament LEADERS 2010 Desi Kulelieva /24 chasa newspaper/ and Biliana Karamanolova. They domineered convincingly over the second-placed Desi Tenekedzhieva /actress/ and the artist Antoinette Toncheva.

The main editor of the Standard newspaper Slavka Bozukova awarded the champions in men – Dimitar Dimitrov and the economic director of Petrol AD Svetodar Yosifov.


LEADERS' Tennis Tournament 2010 is supported by best-selling brands of motor saws in the world STIHL.bg - brand that inspires participants with its famous quality, durability and reliability. STIHL.bg's philosophy is to set revolutionary techniques and innovative ideas  creating products that facilitate the work of people. The insurance company QBE - Bulgaria, once again provides full coverage against sports injuries so that athletes give everything on the pitch. Theprofessional expert opinion of QBE shows that the Tournament features with minimal risk because the general spirit of fair play.
All participants will quench their thirst with water Gorna Banya and, of course, the beer of the Tournament CARLSBERG.
The prize fund is provided by the traditional LEADERS' Tennis partner - MTEL.
Media partner - STANDARD newspaper.


Media Realize:

19 june- newspaper STANDART
20 june- newspaper STANDART
20 june- newspaper STANDART
20 june- newspaper STANDART
21 june- STANDART
21 юни- NOV SPORT

20 june, BNT - SPORT tv - www.bnt.bg
20 june, bTV, SPORT - www.btv.bg
20 june, bTV, SPORT - www.btv.bg
20 june, NovaTV, SPORT - www.bnt.bg
20 june, KANAL 3, SPORT



LEADERS' Tennis Tournament is one of the most interesting, popular and attractive amateur events in Bulgarian sport life.
The tournament is a tradition carried on every year in the late spring by Imageart Design advertising agency. More than 100 amateur tennis players, journalist and guests gather at Dema sport-complex for the event.  The sport community in Bulgaria is well aware of the tradition of this tournament. It easy brings together many executives of big companies, politicians, bankers, businessmen and leading journalists to compete to the First Award “Leader – The Best Tennis Couple”.

The LEADERS’ Tennis Tournament is realized by the kind support of our Gold Sponsor MTEL, our traditional partners BFT and NESCAFE, NIVEA, QBE, VOLKL, CANON, CARLSBERG, BNP PARIBAS, BIOGAME, OVARAS, NIKE.

The LEADERS’ photogallery