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Date: 4 July 2009, Sofia

The finalists of Footzal LEADERS’09 -

The initiative Leaders 4 sport gathered together the teams of nine of the most authoritative financial institutions on the electioneering 4 July at Academic stadium. The tournament LEADERS'09 started with games in parallel with groups A and B respectively BULSTRAD against the team of ENTREA Capital and IC BULGARSKI IMOTI against SIS. Followed another 14 matches in the "all against all". Scores were recorded in the opponent's door with the football balls from NIKE. After the interesting games, with unexpected turns in the results BULGARIAN-AMERICAN CREDIT BANK, EIBANK and DELOITTE dropped out. In the semifinals FIRST INVESTMENT BANK have definite over already weary ENTREA Capital team and SIS managed to withhold the result 0:0 against UNICREDIT BULBANK only in the first half, but after the break get four goals. The weekend began with sunny weather for the Leaders after the rainy week and water given by PIRIN Spring quenched the thirst of the players.

Professional adjudication of N. Staykov and P. Bozhidarov, and the imposed style of fair play in the tournament made it a pleasant entertainment for the participants and attractive spectacle for fan clubs. Not a single incident required the intervention of the security company MEGAFORCE Security. The teams of the two banking giants stood against each other in the late afternoon of the final, with even greater gusto and have demonstrated enviable skills in front of the enthusiastic audiences. Winner in this year's tournament LEADERS'09 wereUNICREDIT BULBANKwith result 3:1. The Golden Cup champions were given gifts by BENETTON, and the vice-champions were comforted with free sport massages from the chain VICTORIA SPA.

Martin Petkov - FIB received the honorary award for goalscorer of the tournament with recorded seven goals, the most attractive player at the discretion of the judges became Dimitar Todorov - FIB, but the "Best goalkeeper" is Vasil Milev - UNICREDIT BULBANK, who only allowed one hit in his own door.

All participants shared with the organizers from Leaders4Sport that they will train hard and improve their strategies to protect the name of their company in the next Footzal tournament LEADERS.


The lens hardly assembled participants in the Tournament

The Champions - Unicredit Bulbank

The Captain of First Investment Bank team accepts Vice-Champion Cup

Compliment's of the capitans were balls from NIKE

Media coverage:

3 July - www.sportal.bg

4 July 2009, Sofia


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LEADERS' Tennis Tournament is one of the most interesting, popular and attractive amateur events in Bulgarian sport life.
The tournament is a tradition carried on every year in the late spring by Imageart Design advertising agency. More than 100 amateur tennis players, journalist and guests gather at Dema sport-complex for the event.  The sport community in Bulgaria is well aware of the tradition of this tournament. It easy brings together many executives of big companies, politicians, bankers, businessmen and leading journalists to compete to the First Award “Leader – The Best Tennis Couple”.

The LEADERS’ Tennis Tournament is realized by the kind support of our Gold Sponsor MTEL, our traditional partners BFT and NESCAFE, NIVEA, QBE, VOLKL, CANON, CARLSBERG, BNP PARIBAS, BIOGAME, OVARAS, NIKE.

The LEADERS’ photogallery